ms. alexia lustra or leslie if ya know me ;-) (alexia_lustra) wrote in blaqconfessionz,
ms. alexia lustra or leslie if ya know me ;-)

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add me!

i hope im allowed to do this here...

my name is leslie...i use to be moless2001 but i have switched screen names...basically cause i needed a change...

im a 24 years old black female, currently residing in las vegas, nv, trying like hell to get out! i hate it here!!

i dunno i write about my dysfunctional nonexistent disappointing hellish jobs... etc...

im interesting. i swear...i talk about sex & masturbation A LOT...

i make jokes about God, but i believe im just not religious...

im open minded & i love everyone...

im looking for new friends on lj, as well as in life...

if you like me add me...thanx!
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