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This is my first confession anywhere public... so I don't really know... what to do. This is a little bit of a weird story, but I suppose it's what happens to a lonely girl with teenage hormones, heh.

Well, my dad is the drummer in a local band, it's oldies, not crazy or anything. And since he's joined there's a bassist who was in one of his older bands in the 80's. Well, I decided I wanted to play bass, so I took lessons from him, whom we'll call "Tom". So things are going along ok, and I began to play on stage. Lately I've been feeling oddly towards 'Tom' and... I'm feeling a tension. Take into account I'm 15 and he's mid 40's. Everyone knows he's slightly lonely, he has a dog that lives with him, but overall no interests love wise. I can tell he looks sometimes, who wouldn't? And you know how when you like someone, whenever they look at you, you take it as a sign they like you? Well it's gotten to that point... I just want to be around him, and help him out. And we talk sometimes, and can get pretty deep. It's just I know our age prevents us from talking more. And God, I don't want anything with him, it's just I... feel rele attracted to him. And I don't know what to do.

I feel like when the band doesn't play for a few weeks, it's tough cuz I want to see him and talk to him. I... I just don't know how to describe. I feel ashamed because of this...
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