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first entry

This is my first time writing an entry in blaqueconfessions.......So first of all this entry is about this guy that I was having a sexual relationship with since about december of 04'...I met him at this little kick back me and my friends attended and like a week or 2 later we "hooked up" and it was gr8,words cant explain neways that situation went on until feb.4 we just stopped talking after that and I had decided it was for the best....It wasnt in my best interest to keep on with the relationship so i was moving on talking to other ppl i hooked up with one other guy after him and he was kool once again that was just a sexual fufillment neways I was really moving on or i thought i was......Then of course.... what happens? YES he calls me after 2 full months exactly (Apr.4) of not hearing a single solitare word from his ass he decides to pick up the phone, however he told me he had been in jail for awhile, he went to jail a week or 2 after we last "hooked up" and he just got out like the day he called or the day b4, Crazy thing is that we talked like we had never stopped talkin and he was like he wanted to come see me and i was like no im leaving in like 15 mins and he was koo so i told him he can come over on tuesday and he said okay just call him and i was like okay but i didnt call him yesterday because I am not sure if i want to go down that road again, he is really kool ppl and i do enjoy his company but i am not sure if it can truly be more than a sexual relationship(u cant really give up good dick)and i have realized that i am worth more than just sex and then again i hate dealing with guys who go to jail often i have already been through that and i didnt appreciate who i was in that relationship.....I am soo frustrated in what to do or maybe deep down I already know what I am going to do......I dont know
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