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I just noticed???

I have just realized that everything that I say about guys turns about to be true. Well not all guys but at least the ones I know and talk to. They are some good liars. My ex and my ex best friend are dating now and me and him had sex today. Now I know that's not cool at all but I didn't have sex with him to piss her off. But that's what he told her. He said that I called him and begged him to come over to my house and when he got here I was all over him telling him that I wanted to get back at her so let's have sex. OMG!!! And the thing that really got to me was the fact that this broad believed all this BS. This girl has known me for years and she's been dating him for all of 8 months and she believes him and not me. Me and her were like sisters and she should know that I am not that type of person. I tried to explain to the girl that it wasn't even like that. I wasn't even thinking about trying to hurt her when all of this was going down...I was horny so I was thinking about me and my own needs. Maybe that's it right there. I was only thinking of myself. So she's all up in my face...she had the nerve to come to my house and try to start shit with me. She's all like I can't believe u did me like this...u know how much I love him...and blah blah blah blah blah. So I listen to this chick rant and rave for a good 5 mins and then I had to remind her that she was my best friend but she violated the only rule we had within our friendship...she straight took my man from me. It would be different if we wre broken up but we were still together when she fucked him. So actually she didn't take him from me...I was just pissed that I didn't want to be bothered with either one of them. She then goes on to tell me how much they love eachother and all this non-sense while he's standing there looking stupid and shaking his head while she's talking. Then he comes right out and tells thise whore that he knows she's been fucking other guys so he wanted to get back at her. Now I'm standing there like OMG this nigga used me to get back at her. I'm like are u serious???? He tells her that he doesn't love her and he never did...he was just there because he didn't want to see her and her child out on the street. So she's standing there looking all stupid and everything. Then he tells her that he's giving her until the 31st to have all her shit out of his house and he wants the keys to everything. I could not believe it at all. I have been knowing this guy all my life...we used to take baths together and I have never seen him so upset in my life. Oh and he apologized to me. Not that it's going to fix things between me and him. He's like I wasn't trying to use u or anything like that but I will call u later and we will talk about some stuff. I'm like yea, whatever. I don't have time for all this high school stuff. But I'm confused because he is my childhood friend and some may say he's my soulmate but why in the hell would he do me like that in the first place. Not only did he cheat on me but he did it with my girl. So I'm just feeling a lot of different things right now.
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