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Ok so my brother has been getting his hair cut at the same place since we moved to Detroit and I am in love with his barber. His name is Dre and he is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what it is but he is just so cute to me. Now I can burn my own CDs at home but I have to go up to the shop and get CDs from him just so I can see him. That probably sounds a lil stalker-ish but he is too cute. He knows that I like him...a lot but just like a bunch of guys that I know...he is not ready to be in a relationship. But guess what...neither am I. I don't just wanna come right out and say that I wanna bone him. I've called him a couple of times and he's called me but we never went out on any type of date or anything. Maybe I should just be blunt with him and tell him what the real deal is. I think I'm gonna call right now.
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