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Welcome to Blaq Confessionz

The Ear That Will Listen

LJ's Blaq Confessionz
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blaqconfessionz is a free-for-all for those of us who have a secret burning deep inside them and have this urge to finally "air out the dirty laundry" in a place where they feel comfortable. . .No matter how stupid, crazy, or "politically incorrrect" the confession may sound, this is the place to get down and get the shyt off your chest. . .

There are only two rules to go by and they are:

1- No debating about intellectual ish, etc. or posting quiz results, porno pics or any of that other ish. There are plenty of lj communities for that sort of thing, this is not one of them.

2- If you have a beef with a certain LJ user, please keep their identity anonymous and don't post any names, links, photos, etc. of the person who pissed you off. . .We don't need any of that here.

Anywho, this community was created by razzie1105 and is now maintained by innocencelost see ya!

Confession is good for the soul....