Beautiful Indeed (innocencelost) wrote in blaqconfessionz,
Beautiful Indeed


Greetings to all in 2006. I've made a couple of changes to the community so that I can keep up with this place. You've been warned of two things...

1) Anybody attempting to join will now be screened.

2) Anybody attempting to make a post will be screened.

Part of this is to make sure folks don't go advertising (as I've seen in the past) as apposed to general posting and to allow me to better monitor.

Also, I was thinking this place needs a new look. Any suggestions on the them for all you LJ techs that are members?

Much love to you all and please, if you think you need support or help, ask and maybe someone can help, and make it a security post if you want to. This place isn't about judgement and if a little chat can ease one's mind, let's try to make a positive impact.

The Mod
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