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Well Well

IT Fuckin IS what IT IS.......... Okay this weekend I was fuckin on 1 Like no Lie no Joke no Bullshit........... Like honestly it was if I was living 3 fucking Lives.......... On friday I had brand new sex with this dude that I have known for a hella long while thing about is that I had to fuckin call his ass out and call him all types of demeaning names for ass to get his balls together and move something Its crazy........ And Then On Saturday I had Fierce and Fantastic sex with my Main dick for right now I been fuckin with him since december and then we went our seperate ways for about 7 months and we hooked back up it and yeah I dont want to get too raunchy........... And Sunday I had "no strings attached" I got and u need it sex and the Dick is always a pleasure(lol)......... Yeah I know it sounds bananas but It was actually what I needed b/c each DICK was different....... They Technics all fucking different I am dead serious....... Technic is the way to good Dick and sum dudes are Great in Different areas once again I am not going in detail....... YEP YEP YEP ITS good TO be Pussy in THIS dicknage..........
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that journal entry was one of my favorite of all time... u go!
i couldn't understand a single word ... except that she's easy
Funny, glad you had fun