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Study...But I don't wanna

OMG...I am such a freakin procrastinator. I have class at 8:30 in the morning and I haven't done any of my homework. I've missed two before and one after spring break. So I must attend this one. And the thing is...this is for my major. But I had to make sure that I posted this.

Today my ex best friend came over to my house asking if she could stay with me until she found a place to stay since her boyfriend (my ex) put her out. I'm like WTF??? No...u better go back and stay with your mother. My mom told me I was being mean and vindictive. I don't think so. Now if we were still girls I would have no problem with letting her stay at my place for awhile. My mom is like, "She has a baby though." And just like I said, she can go stay with her mother. So when I told her that she couldn't stay with me she went off on me like "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT", calling me all out my name and everything. NO NO honey...u brought this all on yourself. I may have had a small part in this but u can't blame everything on me. Then to make matters worse, my ex decides to drop by my house...after he sends me flowers and a invitation to dinner while I'm at work. Still don't know if I wanna accept that or not. As soon as he walks in she turns to me like..."I see u didn't take no time getting with my man." No this chick didn't. So to prevent shit from getting broken in my house, I politely ask the lil wench to leave. She's cussing all the way to the cab she had to catch over here since he took the car from her. Then I have to inform him that it is not polite to drop by without calling me first. I could have been busy with some other things. He notices the flowers on my table and is like, "I take it u liked the flowers?" I'm like, "Yea I like them." Then he starts talking about me and him and how we need to talk about our relationship. I had to stop him right there. "We don't have a relationship or did u forget?" He's like, "but we had sex yesterday and that's how we always used to make up when we had a argument." Like I said did u forget that u were dating my girl...not for a few weeks but for a few months. That's a big NO NO in my book. I'm like you're lucky that I'm even talking to u now, anybody else wouldn't get that privilege. So then he starts talking all this crap about how he has realized that he did me wrong and he wants me back. And for a min I believe him and I think about saying yes we can get back together...but then I'm like WTF is wrong with me??? If he did it once he will do it again. But the thing is, I didn't think he would do it in the first place. I thought I knew him. We've been friends since we were like one years old. So I'm a lil confused on what to do...if I should get back with him or just say screw u and go on about my life. I would really like some input on this.
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